Offers a total immersion program over a period of six/eight days (90-120 hours) in the Spanish language through an innovative method while working on a 1-to-1 basis with native speakers. The topics of conversation include but are not limited to sightseeing, culture, cuisine, the history of Spain, etc.

The daily program includes 12-15 hours of conversations, 1-to-1 activities, pair work, or group sessions. Students will have the opportunity to work with and to speak with different Native speakers throughout the day and in every activity. Working with different native speakers not only makes the learning process enjoyable and interesting but also enables contact with different accents and nuances that characterize a language depending on the speaker’s day. Course activities include visits to historical or special cultural interest such as monuments, wineries, craft centers, etc., or seasonal excursions and hiking trails through the natural beauty of the area.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner: in groups of 4 people (two students and two native English speakers).
  • Individual sessions of one to one conversation, pair and group activities works.
  • Handling press conferences and presentations, and one to one interviews.
  • Telephone conversations or conference calls via Skype individual or in a group.
  • Manejo de presentaciones tipo rueda de prensa con la participación del resto del grupo.
  • Varied activities: theater, book club, games, gymkhanas, etc.
  • Lifestyle: visiting wineries, craft centers, wine tasting, cultural tours, etc.

AYLLÓN SPANISH EXPERIENCE is aimed at those interested in strengthening and gaining fluency in speaking Spanish. It is for those individuals who need to practice their theoretical knowledge in conversation language and overcome feeling embarrassed when speaking Spanish in public.

Managers and executives from multinational companies, who want to improve their language skills and improve their level of conversation at all levels.

Professionals and entrepreneurs who need to gain confidence and ease with the language to improve trade relations with its customers.

Professionals who need to develop their language skills with customers or suppliers worldwide partners.

University undergraduate students performing practices or masters in our country.

People in general who want to practice their language skills in conversation and lose their fear of communicating in Spanish.


Having minimal knowledge of Spanish at level A2 a phone interview or via Skype previously performed to establish level.

Willingness to relax and enjoy enriching experiences, opening the mind to meet with other people and different cultures.

Forgetting for a few days of routine, disconnecting the phone, email or courier, to fully enjoy the events planned for you.


Spanish course. Includes:

  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Single room with bathroom.
  • Transfers from Madrid to Ayllón and return to Madrid.
  • Program of activities for the week
  • Activities designed to boost communication skills on a One-to-One basis.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Maximum group of 18 students.

20-25 of may

In Castilla-Leon, in the old medieval village of Ayllón, one of many charming towns in Spain and a village which has been declared a national historic site.

The villa which preserves the remains of an Arab fortress with its arcaded main square, has witnessed important historical events. The rustic town is dominated by the Romanesque church of San Miguel, where cultural activities, concerts and occasionally exhibitions take place.

In the surrounding areas of Ayllón you can visit other medieval villages like Riaza and Maderuelo, and go hiking and enjoy picnics along the valley of Aguisejo river and the natural park of the reservoir of Linares, in whose gorges is one of the most important colonies of griffon vultures in the world.

With our intensive Spanish course you will have an interesting and enjoyable experience. It's not like studying a language it's living it!


HOTEL AYLLÓN located in the main square of Ayllón and built on a building with typical folk architecture, it is listed as a 4 star hotel. Its rooms, are all different, modern and cozy.

They have ample space to rest and spectacular views, through balconies, terraces or attics, and open to the courtyard garden or to the old town. In its restaurant, El Patio, you can savor traditional local dishes.

fotos de Hotel Ayllón © Jara Varela y lucas y hernández-gil arquitectos

The Cloisters of Ayllón are part of the ruins of the Franciscan friary known as Convent of San Francisco. These ruins have been carefully restored, maintaining their original appearance and are integrated in natural green areas irrigated by the waters of its own spring.

Raised more than eight hundred years ago, the monastery now houses a center for meetings and conventions in a unique environment of peace and nature, surrounded by more than 15,000 m2 of gardens that invite you to walk and rest in comfortable and modern rooms.

fotos de los claustros de Ayllón © Los Claustros de Ayllón

Don´t study Spanish, enjoy Spanish

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