Advanced course for sales techniques combined with teaching Spanish.

More than 60 courses given about commercial techniques carried out in the last years for big and medium-size international companies.

Now we combine our immersion courses in Spanish with special courses about sales methodology in order to be more efficient for selling a product or service.

  • The length of the immersion programmes is 8 days, from  Sunday to Sunday, leaving from Madrid by bus around 4 pm.
  • Immersion will take place in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid), 1.5 hours from Madrid, the place is called “La Cristalera”.
  • The groups are made up for a maximum of 24 students.
  • A minimum level of Spanish is required, equivalent to A1.

The course consists of two different parts:

  • Immersion course in Spanish from Sunday to Wednesday
  • Advanced course for sales techniques from Thursday to Saturday
  • Programmes of each course includes 15 hours a day with conversations and individual activities one to one, groups of four people working in pairs or a group of more people to improve your Spanish level.
  • Students start the course since the first moment, a Spanish supervisor will be with them all the time. Monitors and teachers will be rotating during the day and in the different activities in order to make the course more interesting and to promote relationships between students and also to be in contact with different accents.
  • Ultimately, losing the fear of speaking in Spanish.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner will be in groups of 4 people, 2 students and 2 native teachers.
  • The Spanish course will be divided into 2 different groups:
    • Class with specific contents with a specialized teacher
    • Conversation class one to one with native Spanish teachers about general matters, travelling, airports, gastronomy, transportation, etc.
    • Students have a logistics manager devoted to coordinate general details about meals, trips and other needs.



The course will start on Thursday morning until the closing ceremony on Saturday where the organization will give the participants the certificate and “Clients portfolio”.

The course will be given entirely in Spanish. The same as the well known Lloyd’s tavern where insurers and ship owners could negotiate their policies, this MC Inver Tavern will aloud students to negotiate any product or service.

The course methodology is living for 3 days a new and exciting experience where students will assume the position of a Sales Manager in a figured company where they should know and distribute an invented product and they will also compete in teams to  try to reach the potential market.  A lot of outdoor and indoor tests to participate and make the course more very dynamic. They won’t want the course to end.

We are sure this experience in the tavern will wake up some values that probably one doesn’t know and these practices will get more fluency in speaking Spanish.

  • Full room and full board. Double bedrooms
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Transfer Madrid-Miraflores and return
  • Excursions and planned activities
  • Native counselors, one for student
  • Manager for the Sales Techniques course
  • 3 Monitors
  • Materials
  • Accident Insurance

Minimum Groups 18 people, Maximum 24 people.


OpenAyllón language Experience since 15 years ago is devoted to teach languages from the business point of view. We work for our customers needs (big and small companies).

MC Inver performs Training courses and perfection of sales techniques since more than 15 years. More than 1.200 students have been in our classrooms.

We have worked for big European corporations as OVB Allfinaz (Germany), MLP (Germany), SSI (Italy), PRIMERICA (USA) and Spanish companies as Citi-Soluciones, Grupo Caliche, Eurolloyd, Economía & Bienestar , Correduria de Seguros Ahorro & Protección, etc. …

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